Forgotton Anne Lets You Play Anime in a New Way

Forgotton Anne Lets You Play Anime in a New Way
From IGN - January 10, 2018
By Casey DeFreitas

Forgotton Annes hand-drawn backgrounds and animations are beautiful. Theres no disputing that. And its easy to see the inspiration behind the style: anime greats like Sprited Aways Studio Ghibli, and Tokyo Godfathers' Satoshi Kon.

Forgotton Annes art director, Anders Bierbelg Hald, told PC Gamer, "Ever since I started working as a digital background painter, I have been looking at the backgrounds of Studio Ghibli and Studio 4C, so a lot of my artistic education was through looking at how they solved visual challenges and then adapting that to a digital medium, and most of the time, a western environment.

Further bringing the style to life are animators Debbie Ekberg and Sebastian Ljungdahl, who both studied animation in Tokyo under The Cat Returns director Hiroyuki Morita and other animators active at the time.

The character animation lacks a buttery-smooth frame rate, but with purpose. The movement better emulates the painstakingly hand-drawn style of old-school anime.

Its cinematic animation style make it unique and charming, declaring what kind of experience can be expected off the bat. Forgotton Annes trailer even plays like a movie trailer, going so far as to start with the in a world... cliche.

Forgotton Annes story premise is something to be expected of the whimsical, anime-inspired style, too, creating a cohesive aesthetic. Anne, the main character, is stuck in a mysterious place dubbed the Forgotten Lands with Master Boku, where objects long forgotten also inhabit.

These Forgotlings can be friends or foe to Anne and Master Boku, either as workers building an Ether Bridge back to the human realm, or as rebels rising up against something yet to be made clear - perhaps Anne and Master Bokus escape. Anne is the Enforcer, tasked with keeping order, and Master Boku the mastermind behind the operation meant to get them home.

The world is fueled by a magical energy called anima, an energy Anne can manipulate with a device on her wrist, the Arca, to overcome obstacles in the 2D world.

Forgotton Anne is certainly beautiful, the story mystical, but hows the gameplay?


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