PS4 Console Exclusives List For 2018 Is Ridiculously Massive

PS4 Console Exclusives List For 2018 Is Ridiculously Massive
From N4G - January 13, 2018
DarXyde1h ago(Edited 1h ago)


That, my friend, is known as ad ignorantium (an appeal to ignorance).

Just because there is no evidence to support that they are not releasing in 2018 does not suggest this list is accurate.

Certainly, it's a full list, but let's be very realistic here. Naughty Dog recently stated TLOUP2 is a mess. That game will undoubtedly be legendary, but not without time. It is not coming this year mate. I am very confident about that. Death Stranding is progressing well, but we still have not seen live gameplay. That's definitely still in the oven for a while. Do not see it happening this year. Lastly, FFVIIR is... well, that's the biggest mystery of all. Square is still working on KHIII contemporaneously as well. If the latter is releasing this year, FFVIIR is not happening.

I am pretty sure of myself here. If you doubt that, feel free to screen cap and call me on it if/ when you are right. I will gladly accept some humble pie of a single one of those three games releases this year.

I only fight this so much because there is virtually every indication to suggest this list has no business including those games. List is huge as is. Now it just feels like they are inflating this list unnecessarily.

Plenty on PS4 without being unrealistic about those release windows.

My two cents.


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