10 Things You Should Know About Monster Hunter World Multiplayer

10 Things You Should Know About Monster Hunter World Multiplayer
From IGN - January 13, 2018
By Casey DeFreitas

Though the Monster Hunter World betas let us experiment extensively with all 14 weapons, they arent great representations of what the games online experience will be like at launch. We were able to play the first 12 hours in a preview build with multiplayer compatibility, and learned a lot. Here are nine cool things about Monster Hunter World co-op, and one not so great thing, that we think you should know about.

Before I get into the meat of online co-op, lets just get this out of the way: You can play the entire game with no internet connection, by yourself. I dont recommend it, as one of the huge draws of Monster Hunter is the ability to hunt with three friends, but you can. At least now the voice-acting and more robust story may make single-player feel more like a traditional campaign, and you do have a Felyne Palico friend. Speaking of offline play, there is also no couch co-op, and (sadly) there never has been.

In previous Monster Hunter games, single-player Village Quests and multiplayer Guild Quests were separate. Basically, youd have to do the same quest twice - once by yourself offline, and once online - to continue to progress. In Monster Hunter World, these quests are one in the same, and can be accepted from the same main town hub, so you dont have to switch between online and offline depending if you want to solo hunt or not. Just change the settings as you post a quest.

Along with being able to accept multiplayer quests from town, you can also go to the Gathering Hub, where you can socialize with your hunting party before a quest. Arm wrestling is a simple button mashing mini game, but it's a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a quest to start.

Monsters have two difficulty settings: solo and multiplayer, which scales automatically. When with others, monsters gain more HP, and may change in other ways not officially discussed. However, hunting with more people means youll be targeted less by the monster, giving you time to recuperate. Keep in mind if the difficulty has already raised to accommodate more players, it wont drop back down if teammates inadvertently leave.

Leave before everyone has hit the ready button? No worries, they can join after the quest starts, even if they didnt sign up for it when the poster did. As long as theyre in the quest before 10 minutes have passed, theyll get the same rewards as everyone else - after that 10 minute mark, rewards start scaling down. We werent able to experiment with this much, and the mechanic may change with the full game, but this is how it worked in the preview build we played.

If you embark on a solo mission thats more difficult than expected, you can use an SOS Flare to call for help. Then, friends (or anyone online) can join and help you take down the troublesome monster.

All Monster Hunter games have received ongoing support in the form of free DLC, from special quests to cool collaborations, like the Horizon Zero Dawn collab Monster Hunter World PS4players will get. Sometimes this new content introduces new, difficult monsters, and will extend the life of Monster Hunter World. We already know the first Monster Hunter World DLC pack will include the infamous Deviljho. Check out the end of the video below to learn more about this infamous death pickle.


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