Capcom is Still Confused About What to do With Resident Evil

From N4G - Wii - January 16, 2018
strayanalog1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

I can see your point, so arguably, that's true. But I think laziness is more of a deciding factor.

In my opinion, the subsequent sequels only proved that Capcom could stroke a fire, not make one, thus making watered-down versions of Resident Evil 4 for the next two outings. I applaud them for using some of the original Resident Evil development team, but the developer did not attempt to push anything in the franchise forward with 5 and 6.
They actually allowed it to become stagnate, mistreating characters, crazy storylines, and worst of all, went against the franchise's own foundation: horror.
Action does not last longer than horror, simply put. An explosion is pretty but it lasts a second, but give someone something to be scared of then that lasts for hours, years even. People love to be scared, but there was not anything scary about RE 5 or 6.

The 7th outing, though better than its last two predecessors if we want to call it an RE game, does not truly feel like Resident Evil. It's a shell of a game (no first person camera argument here), hollowed out to masquerade as a Resident Evil game, but feeling like a rip off of PT because of its popularity. Capcom, again, being lazy with no connecting story with only the title to prove what franchise it belongs to.
If Capcom wants to make Resident Evil an anthology series then - sure - I am okay with Capcom masking its identity crisis by not following the main story, but they should not attempt to staple it together with the main franchise with DLC.

When you have a creator who was as hands on with the entire franchise as Mikami was (producing or directing the entire main line), then it's no wonder his absence is felt with each passing sequel. The series just does not know what to do with itself with no true lead and Capcom is obviously their own worse enemy - resident evil indeed.


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