Fortnite: Best New Map Chest Spawn Locations

From IGN - January 21, 2018

This page includes the best new map locations for weapons, items, and chest spawns.

EditHaunted Hills

A Foggy cemetery decorated with tombstones, mausoleums, and a creepy church. Great for farming resources.

Check inside the church for a chest against the furthest wall. There are also occasional chest spawns in the mausoleums.

EditJunk Junction

An industrial playground littered with piles of totalled cars and small buildings. At the northernmost point of the junkyard, theres an orange car crusher that usually houses a chest.

Immediately in front of that location is a building. Head to the second floor, through the door and behind the wooden boxes should be a chest. In the same building, head to the roof and through the door into the room at the top to find another chest.

EditTilted Towers

A city with winding streets and tall buildings. It's a very popular landing spot because of its fun close quarters combat and legendary loot potential.

The building residing northeast will usually reveal a chest glistening from the window on the top floor. On the first floor of the same building, mine through one of the dry walls facing towards the inner city to find another chest.

The top of the Clock Tower is also known to spawn at least two chests.

EditShifty Shafts

An underground mine with a labrynth of tunnels and a reputation for being another popular landing spot. You can find plenty of great loot here if you can survive long enough to find it. One chest spawn location is in the bed of the red truck to the north of the mine.

Another can be found behind a wall on the southwest side of the mine. It's an obscure spot so look out for the sound of the loot shining when you pass by.

EditSnobby Shores

High class private residential area located all the way to the west. Searching through most of the houses here will usually result in finding plenty of chest spawn locations.

EditFootball Stadium

EditThe Motel

EditThe Turret

EditGiant Llama


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