PS5 - What the EliteGamer Team Would Like to See

PS5 - What the EliteGamer Team Would Like to See
From N4G - January 22, 2018
nitus104h ago(Edited 3h ago)

While I do agree with some of what was said in the article. I do agree with what you said in that it would be stupid for Sony to bring out a new console before 2020 since the PS4 is selling very well.

The article did allude to the following points.

1. Backwards AND Forwards - Compatibility is a great selling point at the start of a generation, however, it only becomes a nice value-added feature further into the generation. Sure there will always be games that will push any architecture but they are very much in the minority. Even today most games made for the PS4 do not even come close to architecture.

2. Dual storage bays - Even a single storage bay could be a nice feature and by that I mean the ability to be able to put a 2.5" HDD or SSD into a USB3 slot. For the PS5 it would make sense to have at the very least a 500GB internal SSD (preferably 1~2TB although this will add to the overall cost). Obviously, the PS5 should have a SATA3 or better bus.

3. A better battery in the Dual Shock controller (DS5). No matter what the play time of a controller battery you are always going to have people who want a longer life.

4. No Intel Inside? - let us not go down this rabbit hole.

5. RAM. Unfortunately, the price of RAM has increased over the last two years (the 16GB I have in my desktop has increased by 50%). Heres hoping that the price of RAM come down since it would make sense to have anything from 12GB to 16GB of memory in the PS5.

6. GPU. It should at the very least support 4K @ 60fps.

7. CPU. Sony has to consider costs so do not expect an i7 or i9.

IMHO it would make more sense (value for money) to bring out the PS5 anytime after 2020 but not before.


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