How to Get the Most Out of Monster Hunter World's Crafting System

From IGN - February 4, 2018

This page contains a the list of all crafting recipes and tips for maximizeing success with the crafting system of Monster Hunter World.

EditCrafting Tips

There are several ways to make the crafting process more efficient.

EditThe Basics of Crafting

While there are some unique items that take a bit of effort to create (due to the rarity of their ingredients), the crafting process is fundamentally the same for all items (except weapons and armor - you can read more about those upgrades here). You collect items out in the world - their locations are static so youll always know where to find them - then combine them with other items you find to turn them into something useful. Some of these items are then used to craft other items - and some can be augmented by adding certain elements.

Items can be crafted in the field by using the Crafting List in the pause menu, or in tents at campsites or when accessing your item box in Astera. It's worth noting that when crafting in the item box menu, you will only use supplies that are being stored in that box, and the items you produce will not automatically be added to your personal inventory - you will need to transfer them to your satchel manually.

EditGrow it at Home

You can find basic ingredients like herbs and honey in every region you will explore, and others will be unique to certain climates. Thankfully, you can learn to farm many of these resources in a botanical garden in Astera (once you progress far enough in the story). As you complete more quests, deliveries and bounties you will unlock the ability to grow more items - both in terms of item type and the quantity you can produce per harvest.

This will help you avoid having to spend time searching for basic items, or having to search for more specialized ingredients. Unfortunately, while you can eventually produce most plants and bugs in your botanical garden, you cant farm any monster materials (unless you learn how to clone them, but something tells us that's not in the DLC plan). These are rarely used when crafting, but keep your eyes peeled for Arowana and Gunpowderfish scales. Youre also unable to farm ivy at your garden, so make sure to collect any you find while on an expedition.

EditQuick-Crafting Options

You can quick-craft items by adding recipes to your radial item menu (the default for this is L1/LB). Simply open the customize radial menu screen in the first tab of the pause menu and select an empty slot on either radial. Ttab over to Crafting Recipes section in the item screen and choose one of the many recipes that youve unlocked and want to add to your menu.

This is helpful, though ultimately a bit redundant - if you dont have any of an item you want to use, when you select the item itself (not the recipe) in the radial menu, you will automatically craft one provided that you have the necessary ingredients.

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