Sea of Thieves Dev Explains Why the Maximum Crew Is 4 Players

From IGN - February 13, 2018
By Joe Skrebels

Sea of Thieves will launch with a maximum crew size (and therefore party size) of four.

Lead designer Mike Chapman confirmed to IGN that the party size from the game's beta would continue into the full game, saying that the key element for Rare was in how larger groups would (or would not) communicate:

"The biggest ship was designed for four," Chapman explained when asked why that became the maximum. "We have looked at feedback and of course there's people who want an 8-player ship, a 10-player ship. The thinking there, as with everything in this game, is really intentful.

"If the two of us were to go out to the pub together with two other friends, you have got that intimate relationship, you are all getting on together. If it becomes six or eight people, you start getting people splintering off and it's really hard to communicate - four seems like the magic number."

One element of how crews work will change from the beta to the main game, however. One player could now sail a four-person galleon alone, using the game's "Make Friends" emote to manually gather a crew. On the other hand, four people could use one small sloop - Chapman explains that this could even be used as a surprise attack tactic.


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