9 Things to Do First in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

From IGN - February 13, 2018

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, youll find that life as the son of a blacksmith can be pretty tough. Youre not the chosen hero of legend, in fact, youre not even that good with a sword. In order to survive in 15th century Bohemia, youll need to know what youre doing - so weve compiled some tips on Things to Do First as you start your adventure.

The following tips extend from the start of the game all the way past the tutorial areas to when you are finally able to explore the world at large upon reaching the town of Rattay.

EditGet Free Lockpicks

Life in the town of Skalitz can be pretty boring, and the worst part is - youre pretty much broke. Considering it will take awhile for you to start amassing your own wealth, you should be on the lookout for handouts whenever possible. One such early trick you can do is when you must collect a debt from the town drunk.

Since hes not willing to pay what he owes, you need to find a way to change his mind - like stealing stuff back. However, the trunk in his house is locked. No problem! Just go ask your friend Fritz, and hell give you a bunch of lockpicks for free.

You wont be able to get your own until later in the game, and theres more to unlock both in Skalitz and Talmberg that can set you up nicely early in the game - which leads us to our next tip:

EditGet Free Armor

After you arrive at Talmberg, Henry will eventually want to leave by way of some hi-jinks. Before you make your escape, be sure to sneak into the guardhouse above the main gate to the castle.

This area is rarely patrolled, and contains bows, arrows, and a locked trunk full of armor for you - which should be no problem for the lockpicks you obtained earlier.

If that doesnt work, you can also snoop around the slightly more guarded towers on either side of the castle. There may be a few chests in here that arent locked, and youll still get free armor youd otherwise have to wait much longer to come by. This is also good knowledge to have when exploring other castles in the game - even with a full garrison, there are often places you can slip into and steal from. Speaking of which:

EditSteal Things

Sure, Henry may daydream of becoming an honorable knight, but here in reality you have to get your hands dirty if you want to survive. There are many opportunities in the first few areas of the game to get your hands on a lot of items. Its even more important to note that not all of these items are marked as owned.

Pay close attention when raiding the pantry of your home or the castle in Talmberg: If the prompt says steal then people wont like you if they catch you - but if a container just says open, or food lying around says "pick up", you can freely take what you please.

Even better, you can sell them all back to vendors and cushion yourself with a few extra Groschens early on. Kitchens and pantries tend to have lots of unclaimed containers, but so do some cabinets in castles, as well as barrels of arrows in armories or archery ranges. As for what to do with stolen loot, read on:

EditLearn How to Pickpocket

When Henry finally arrives in Rattay, hell be temporarily bedding at the local mill - much to the ire of the miller. However, theres more to Miller Peshek than meets the eye. Early on, hell ask you to perform an odd task for him. If you decide to take him up on this request, youll eventually learn of the millers less-than-honorable lifestyle.

For most skills, Henry only needs to try his hand at that skill to get better at it - but when it comes to pick-pocketing, you wont know how on your own. It turns out only Miller Peshek can teach you (for free!), and after that youll be able to level the skill like any other. Its a risky way to make a living, but pick-pocketing drunks and sleeping people can net you some easy money.

EditPay Your Debts

Its not certain if a blacksmiths son always pays his debts - but you should. Certain quests and story beats may end up with Henry owing money or favors to certain individuals, and some people will tell you that you can just pay them back whenever you want. However, others can get impatient very quickly.

EditGet a Spade

EditLearn to Read

EditTalk to Everyone

EditStockpile Emergency Food


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