London Spitfire Win Overwatch Stage 1 Playoffs

From IGN - February 12, 2018
By Shabana Arif

The Stage 1 playoffs of the Overwatch League are over and London Spitfire emerged victorious, beating the top-seededNew York Excelsior with a 3-2 reverse sweep on Saturday. London ended the first half down 0-2, but turned things around in the second half for their 3-2 comeback.

The first game of the day saw London and New York face off, with Excelsior winning 3-2. Spitfire went on to playthe Houston Outlaws, winning 3-1, and found themselves facing New York again. After losses on Junkertown and Oasis, London entered Hoizon Lunar Colony in need of a miracle.

"Losing the first two maps, we thought, 'Hey, we could not let it end like this,'" Spitfire tank Hong 'Gesture' Jae-Hee toldESPN. "We rallied back and won a game. After that, we were like, 'Hey, it's 2-1. Might as well.'"

They won another game on the fourth map, Numbani, and completed their reverse sweep on Dorado.


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