Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters, Inc. Trailer: Theories and Gameplay Details You May Have Missed

Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters, Inc. Trailer: Theories and Gameplay Details You May Have Missed
From IGN - February 13, 2018
By Jonathon Dornbush

Square Enix released not one but two new Kingdom Hearts III trailers at D23 Expo 2018, introducing the new Monsters, Inc. world.These trailers are also packed to the brim with new gameplay and story details that are worth exploring, so lets dive into the heart of these new glimpses both below, and in the video above.

The main D23 2018 trailer kicks off with the surprising re-introduction of Marluxia, who was leading the charge at Castle Oblivion for Organization XIII. Sora battled and defeated the Nobody Marluxia back in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but because he, Donald, and Goofy had their memories of their time in Castle Oblivion wiped, Marluxia is a total mystery to him.

Its unclear exactly how he has returned, though it's likely as part of Xehanorts adventures through time and space to form the true Organization XIIIbut hes back with a vengeance and his memories fully intact.

But the centerpiece of the trailer is undoubtedly the reveal of the previously leaked Monsters, Inc. world. Sora, Donald, and Goofy all get monster transformations, much like how they change to toy form in the Toy Story world. Its unclear exactly when in the universe the story of this world takes place, but its pretty likely in the midst of the original movie and possibly right after. The factory is still scaring because it cares, but later in the trailer, a gauge for Boos laugh power appears, indicating the monsters learn the power of laughs at some point in the level.

Our first look at gameplay in the Monsters, Inc. world confirms a nice touch we havent seen yet in KH3 footageworld-themed command menus! Yes, its a small thing, but seeing the command menu change to fit the aesthetic of each world in past games has been a delightful little touch. Its nice to see it return in every world teased in both trailers, and may be an indication of just how far along development is.

Atop the world's monster factory is where we also see the Monsters, Inc. Keyblade for the first time. Youll notice the end of the blade is wearing a monster helmet, while the charm appears to be Boo in her monster costume.

Speaking of that Keyblade, we also get to see two transformations for it in this trailer. The first is Quick Claws, in which the Keyblade splits into two metal chompers on Soras hand. Much later in the trailer, we also see the Twin Yo-yos transformation, which also splits the Keyblade into a dual set of weapons. With both of these transformations, Soras grayish, blue fur transforms into an orange-y shade with pink highlights.

Whats interesting is that Sora is fighting with each respective worlds Keyblade within that world. Normally, Keyblades were world-completion gifts in past Kingdom Hearts games. Sora seemingly receives new Keyblades at or near the start of levels, if the scenes from Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and Tangled are any indication. This would make sense, given how important these weapon transformation seem to be to the gameplay this time around.

A small thing to note during the battle footage seen throughout the trailerthe MP orbs are no longer clear, as they were in Kingdom Hearts II, but this will be unsurprising to anyone who played Kingdom Hearts 2.8's 0.2: a fragmentary passage. Aquas magic orbs in that game were also a richer shade of blue.

Getting back to Monsters, Inc., the Pixar films iconic doors return in Kingdom Hearts, though its unclear if Sora will actually get to hop through to different locations using them. Whether or not he does, theres no doubting the cavernous scale of the Monsters, Inc. world is impressive, and an indication of truly just how big each new world is.

And on the subject of these new worlds, though we first saw Tangleds land of Corona back in 2015, we finally have our first look at Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Rapunzel, unsurprisingly, uses her hair for combat and traversal, while Flynn can be seen both using a frying pan and a barrel mid-battle.

Theres also a brief look at the Tangled Keyblade, which appears to be in the shape of Rapunzels tower. That Keyblade also goes through a transformation into the Mirage Staff, which we get a much better look of in the second D23 trailer. Much like Soras fur changing in the Monsters, Inc. world, his outfit changes color when he takes on the new Keyblade form.


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