17 Classic 3D Platformers That Do Deserve Reboots

17 Classic 3D Platformers That Do Deserve Reboots
From IGN - February 14, 2018
By Chloi Rad

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are repromoting this feature in light of the recent report of a Spyro Trilogy Remaster being in the works.

Theres something really special about early 3D platformers. Before mainstream games embraced hyperrealism, there was more freedom to create weird worlds where logic could be thrown out the window in favor of fun physical challenges and loads of secrets and collectibles that kept players busy exploringnot to mention all the loud and cartoonish mascots that came out of them.

The 3D platformer never disappeared, but its certainly been experiencing something of a renaissance, with a number of spiritual successors, remasters, and straight-up remakes announced in the last couple yearsmost recently a new Bubsy, Psychonauts, and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

As an ode to the 3D platformer of yesteryear and their modern counterparts, heres a list of other awesome (and not so awesome) ones that deserve a revisit.

Ape Escape was one of the original PlayStations greatest hits. Its quirky style, creative utilization of dual analog controls, fantastic soundtrack, and overwhelming charm earned it critical acclaim among fans, a few sequels and spin-offs, and even a 2005 remake on PSP. None lived up to the greatness of the original, but that doesnt mean we wouldnt love to see another try.

Should it come back: Heck yes.

Its true that Yooka-Laylee was something of a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, created by several ex-Rare developers, but a lot of Banjo fans would love to see the beloved franchise officially revisited.

Should it come back: Marty says I have to put yes or Ill lose my job.

Its been 21 years since the Bubsy series got a new entry, if you dont count the bizarre tribute made by the Arcane Kids a few years ago. We actually had this on our list-in-progress as a joke before Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back was announced in June. So thats happening.

Should it come back: Well it is, so what we want doesnt really matter at this point.

The iconic foul-mouthed squirrel is getting a Microsoft HoloLens game at some point in which he is nearly unrecognizable, but fans of the Nintendo 64s Conkers Bad Fur Day are looking for something more faithful to the series crude and offensive side.

Should it come back: People want it, so sure.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos got mixed reviews across the board when it first launched in 1997some praised its graphics (hey, it was 1997) and most panned its terrible controls (1997, man). What many dont know is that Croc was actually one of the earliest 3D platformers conceptualized, pitched first to Nintendo as a game starring Yoshi. Argonaut Games eventually reworked the reptilian hero into the goofy looking crocodile we know today after Nintendo turned the idea down. Its only sequel was Croc 2 in 1999. It never even made it into the 21st century and maybe for good reason. But hey, some folks have fond memories of Croceven if they did only play it on that Interactive CD Sampler.

Should it come back: Who else is gonna save the Gobbos!?

40 Winks is one of those games that I am increasingly convinced Im the only one who ever played. It does have a review on IGN, thoughwe gave it a 5.5. It had a silly kid-friendly story, mediocre platforming, and the sort of bad camera expected from a PlayStation-era platformer from 1999. I do remember thinking it was cool that you could choose to play as either the brother or sister, even if the option only amounted to beating the crap out of goblins with a teddy bear or a candlestick.

Should it come back: Nah.

Speaking of goofy looking reptile mascots that need no introduction this smug-looking gecko (voiced by comedian Dana Gould) used to serve as the mascot for Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind Legacy of Kain and the gritty Tomb Raider reboots. The 90s were an interesting time. You either have a nostalgic (perhaps ironic) fondness for Gexs constant and often perverted wise-cracking or you harbor some genuine disdain for the shades-wearing lizard. For most of us who grew up with the original PlayStation, its probably some combination of both.

Should it come back: Can I just leave this blank?

Its Glover. The game where you play as a glove. Glover is on a quest to find the missing crystals. Because its the 90s and thats what you do in video games made in the 90s. But theres another evil glove that wants to stop him, so you two have a showdown in outer space. I dont make the rules.


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