The Biggest, Baddest Super-Weapons in Gaming

From IGN - February 19, 2018
By Nathanael Peacock

The gaming world is filled with more evil super-weapons than an 80s spy movie. Weve got more maniacs, evil geniuses, misguided scientists and evil super-beings than we know what to do with - and most of them want to destroy humanity in a hundred different ways.

The bad guys in video games have tried everything from enslaving all the fluffy animals in the Green Hill Zone, to turning humans into Stroggs and generally trying to blow everything sky-high.

So to celebrate all the heroes that have foiled dastardly plots, and all the evil beings who plotted them, we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest, baddest super-weapons that have threatened to put the bad guys on top.

Game: Metal Gear Series

Weapon type: Bipedal tanks

Weapon intent: Nuclear weapon dispersal

Created by: Aleksandr Granin

Destructive power: All life on earth by nuclear war

In a world with vampire soldiers, teleporting zombie soldiers, nano-machines and more clones than an app store - its a wonder anyone in the Metal Gear world is infatuated with the Metal Gears at all. However, the namesake of the franchise are some of the most sought after creations in the whole damn military world.

The name Metal Gear refers to a collection of bipedal tanks that are capable of launching nuclear warheads from practically any point on the globe. Their designation was coined by the Soviet scientist Aleksandr Granin in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater when he described them as the missing link between infantry and artillery.

Whether youre talking about Metal Gear Shagohod, Sahelanthropus, Arsenal, Metal Gear Rex (arguably the most famous) or any other of the often oddly named creations, the Metal Gears have been used by almost every shady military group around the globe in an attempt to either blow up a rival power, or bend the rest of the world to their will. As a highlight, Metal Gear Rex was a bipedal tank that used a form of railgun tech to launch missiles instead of regular propellant, which made the weapon virtually untraceable, and gave the user the power to toss warheads around like a game of Hot Potato in a dark room, without anyone knowing where they came from.

The Metal Gears mark the turning point between modern military and a sci-fi future. They pose a threat to humanity in a very real, very poignant way, but also give us a glimpse at a future where buttons can be more terrifying than bullets.

Game: The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask

Weapon type: Ancient evil mask

Weapon intent: Curses, hexes, large-scale destruction

Created by: An ancient unnamed tribe

Destructive power: Clock town and surrounding regions

Termina seems like a pretty pleasant place in The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask. The Gorons, Zora, Deku and Terminians seem to be living in relative peace, and everyone is looking forward to honouring the Four Giants in the Carnival Of Time in Clock Town.

That is until the Skull Kid comes knocking and decides to drop the moon on everyone. Maybe he wasnt invited to the festival, maybe the Majoras Mask is making him do it, or maybe hes just jealous of Links sweet green hat.

Either way, the Skull Kid uses the corrupting power of the mask to cause a whole host of catastrophes across Termina, from poisoning the Great Swamp to freezing the whole Snowhead region and the poor Gorons living there.

The Majoras Masks powers arent stated explicitly in the game, but it does seem hellbent on the total destruction of Termina, either by environmental or celestial means. The mask salesman describes it as an accursed item from legend that is said to have been used by an ancient tribe in its hexing rituals. It is said that an evil and wicked power is bestowed upon the one who wears the mask.

The Majoras Mask is a symbol of mysticism and mystery in an otherwise straightforward world. For players coming off the success of beating Ocarina of Time, the introduction of an object so powerful that it can strip Link of his heroism in an instant is a shock to the system, and its a story so filled with uncertainty and darkness that it knocks both the Hero of Time and the player way outside their comfort zone.

Game: Final Fantasy VII

Weapon type: Genetically engineered super soldier

Weapon intent: Become one with the lifestream

Created by: Shinra and Professor Gast

Destructive power: The whole world (Giant meteor)

Theres probably a whole separate list that we could devote to the Biggest Baddest Super Soldiers in gaming, but when characters are bred as weapons they bear mentioning as a fixture in the World Destroyers Hall of Fame. This spot in our list could easily belong to Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear series, Alma from F.E.A.R. or Nemesis from Resident Evil. But none of those alternatives quite hit the spot between cold indifference for human life and menacing intent on total destruction that Sephiroth did. Maybe Im biased because Final Fantasy 7 is one of my all time favourites, or maybe I just never forgave him for what happened to Aeris.

On the surface, Sephiroth is a tall, stoic war hero with silver hair, a giant sword and a penchant for buckles and leather coats. But beneath that hes an unholy killing machine whos hellbent on watching the world burn using the power of his (kind of) mother Jenova. Shes an ancient space monster, and theres a whole story there, but we dont have time for all that.

Sephiroth was once the pride and joy of a paramilitary group known as SOLDIER, which was run by the Shinra electric power company (they never really explain how a power company built an army). Upon discovering that he was artificially augmented using genetics from an ancient being called Jenova or The calamity from the sky, Sephiroth goes a little bit off the deep end.

He promptly burns his home town, kills everyone living there, and makes off with the remaining body of Jenova. He then plots to combine his already considerable power with that of Jenova to summon a huge meteor that will scar the world, allowing him to meld with the spirit energy of the planet called the lifestream and essentially become a god.

So, long story short - man-made superweapon and all-around bad dude, wants to destroy a sizeable chunk of the planet and become all-powerful.

Quite ambitious for a guy that worked for a power company... But at least hes aiming high, right?


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