Monster Hunter World Augmentation Explained and Q&A Live Now

From IGN - February 23, 2018

Monster Hunter World tries to guide players through the many nuances of playing, but a little more direction could not hurt. Here's a how to play Monster Hunter World guide.

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In this Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter World, you will find:

EditWhat is Monster Hunter World About?

Monster Hunter World's story is about following Elder Dragons across the sea to the New World, and discovering their purpose for doing so. The gameplay loop is simple on the surface, but can get pretty deep.

Basically, your goal is this:

EditHow do I Hunt a Monster?

This video gives a great overview of how to do this.

But, here are the details if you are not a video person.

Edit1. Manage Your Inventory

The least glamorous step of hunting a monster, but it's pretty important. Your Item Pouch has a limited amount of spaces, so you do not want to carry what you do not need. Luckily, Monster Hunter World has changed to make the Ammo bag separate from the rest. Plus, Materials that ca not be used for crafting consumables - like Ore and monster parts - will also not take up space.

Head to a supply box in Astera - you can find these next to Quest Boards and in your room. Deposit everything you do not need - like raw materials such as mushrooms - into your box. Definitely check out the button commands, which you can find on the bottom left, to do this most efficiently with the press of one button.

Edit2. Equip the Right Gear

While at the box, make sure you are wearing the Armor and Weapon you want.

If you are having trouble with a monster, check your Menu => Hunter's Notes => Monster Field Guide to make sure you are not using a weapon with an element it's strong to. Or, if you have not unlocked that information, check out our in-depth Monster Guides.

Edit3. Eat a Meal

Edit4. Track the Monster

Edit5. Kill the Monster

EditWhat Else do I do on a Quest?

EditWhat Weapon Should I Choose in Monster Hunter World?

EditHow Do I Choose When To Make New Equipment?

EditHow do I Play With Friends in Monster Hunter World?

EditWhat Do I Do In-Between Quests?


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