Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 Tips and Tricks

From IGN - February 24, 2018

This page contains tips, tricks, and strategies for all that's new in Fortnite Battle Royale's latest Battle Pass update, Season 3 and version 3.0.0.

EditListen for the BOOM

The new Hand Cannon packs a powerful punch, but it also lets out an annoyingly loud shot. If you are going to use it, be prepared to alert any nearby enemies. And hey, if you are that enemy, use that noise to your advantage to locate other players.

EditPlan Your Route

The latest update allows players to view the bus entire bus path before the game even begins. Use your time in the lobby to place a marker where you want to go. Keep in mind that once you are in the bus, the yellow highlighted path will be gone.

EditTurbo Building

Building is a lot smoother now that a few small changes have been implemented. Turbo building allows you to hold down the action button and build continuously as run and turn the camera. Need to go up a mountain? Set up up a ramp and keep building without lifting a finger. Someone is attacking? Build like a madman to surround yourself with walls and ramps.

EditBuild Through Objects

Have you ever been stopped from building because some tiny object was in the way? Or maybe it was the giant tree? With the latest update this is no longer an issue. You can now build right through trees, poles, and other objects. Use these objects as some added protection and even a place to stay hidden.

Do take note that some of the smaller objects will destroy upon building, causing a bit of noise.

EditSelf-Induced Impulse Grenade

Your first thought with an Impulse Grenade is to use it on enemies, but that's not their only use. Trying to outrun the storm but it's catching up too quick? Throw one of those suckers in front of you and run past it as it detonates to propels yourself forward. Use it to get from rooftop to rooftop in Tilted Towers or get yourself out of a sticky situation.

But yes, totally use them on enemies too. Blast opponents off mountains and cliffs and send them to their death. You can even try knocking them back into the storm.

EditBe Aggressive!

There really is no way around it. You can squat in some random house all you want, but eventually you are going to have to take action. Get in the habit of fighting back or better, attacking first. Get yourself the upper hand and win the fight. Not only do you get practice for the real challenge when you get to the final few foes, but it's also one less enemy or squad you have to worry about.

EditTake the Higher Ground

Have you noticed a pattern in the way you keep dying? Even when you build yourself some walls and a ramp to protect yourself? Chances are someone keeps building above you. Why not try the same? If you see at the same ground level at you, take your chance and build above them. This will let you drop into their fort, usually by surprise. The same rings true for houses. Instead of going through the front door, build up to the roof where you may be able to get that height advantage.

This also stays true for hills and mountains. While going up there and building a base will attract attention to your location, it does give you a better chance at targeting your building opponents. This is especially important in the final moments when enemies scramble to get to you or escape the storm.

EditBetter Accuracy

Do you ever feel like some of your shots just never land a target? If you are willing to take more of a risk, crouch and aim your weapon to not only improve its accuracy but give you a steady view at your moving target.

EditTarget Practice

The best practice is simply to keep failing as you get closer and closer to victory, but there are a few ways to improve in smaller doses. Whenever you get the chance, try to find an object or some kind of point of interest and try to keep your crosshair on the point as you move and jump around. This could be street sign, a tire, a window, whatever. When you are in the lobby, spend that time waiting aiming at moving players. Better to get some practice here than out in the battle royale!

EditTime Your Escape

We always seem to be trying to outrun the storm, are not we? There is a trick to help calculate how much time you will need to escape. Each quadrant or square of the map takes roughly 45 seconds to cross assuming you are running in a straight line. For example, if you are two quadrants away, give yourself at least a minute and a half to escape.

EditStorm Speed

Have you noticed that sometimes you can outrun the storm and other times it speeds right past you? Take note of the location of the new circle in advance. The parts of the circle closest to the storm will move a lot slower since both circles converge at the same time. With that in mind, the further the storm is, the faster it will move.

EditPredict the Next Circle

As the storm is closing in, listen for the chime that indicates a supply drop is landing somewhere on the map. Finding where it lands can help you predict the general location of the next circle. The supply crate is set to land after the current storm closes in, meaning that it's landing somewhere within the next circle. If you are not heading towards that direction, you may want to change course early.

EditExit Inventory Quickly

Messing around with your inventory when a fight breaks out? Just move your character with WASD and you will immediately be taken back to the game.

EditAvoid Detection

Noise is a big indicator for enemies who find your location. If you feel like someone is nearby, try crouching and sprinting to minimize damage. Full on sprinting also leaves a dust trail behind that can be seen from a good distance. If you are closing in on an unsuspecting victim, crouch and slowly move to really stay quiet.

EditLet Enemies Do the Work

EditMaterial Thief

EditBlowing the Element of Surprise

EditLeave One Last Hit

EditSmart Material Gathering

EditCustomize Your Controls

EditOrder Your Weapons and Items

EditFastest Way to Land

EditCommunicate with Numbers

EditRocket Ride

EditDoors as Steps


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