A Complete Guide to MLB The Show 18's Preorder Bonuses

A Complete Guide to MLB The Show 18's Preorder Bonuses
From IGN - March 12, 2018
By Chris Reed

MLB The Show 18 is set to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 27, 2018. This years installment of the annual baseball franchise has New York Yankee Aaron Judge on the cover. Thats really all we know about the game so far, but honestly, Sony puts out a quality baseball product every year. So if its anywhere near the quality of last years installment, fans are in for a treat.

If youre ready to preorder MLB The Show 18, youll want to know what editions and preorder bonuses that are available. We have all the information below, so read on.

Preorder MLB The Show 18/ MLB The Show 18 (UK) from most retailers, and youll receive the following digital extras:

If you preorder from the PlayStation Store or GameStop, youll get even more digital bonus items, plus access to the game starting on March 23, four days before its official launch. Sony seems to recognize that the need for video game preorder guides can get a little silly, and has done the legwork for us (and you). See the details here:

Price: $70

In addition to the game, the MVP Edition includes:

Price: $100

This digital-only edition comes with the following digital extras.

Price: $100

The All Rise Edition is exclusive to GameStop. It comes with the game and the following items.

Physical content:

Digital content:

Now lets look at which retailers are offering MLB The Show 18 for preorder.


Editor's Note: Amazon's listings for MLB The Show 18 seem to just be coming online and look incomplete. The Amazon page currently does not list the standard Amazon Prime 20% discounted preorder price, the preorder bonuses are not listed, etc. We will keep an eye on these listings and let you know if they are fleshed out over time. Amazon is obviously generally pretty reliable, so you are probably safe to preorder of Amazon is your go-to, but if you are an MLB The Show fanatic or just a cautious consumer, you may way to hold off or preorder from someone else for the time being.

Best Buy

Standard Edition Price: $60 ($48 for Gamers Club Unlocked members)

Preorder bonus

Exclusive deals or preorder bonuses


Standard Edition Price: $60

MVP Edition Price: $70

All Rise Edition Price: $100


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