The Oddity of One Game Ruining Another

From N4G - March 14, 2018
luckytrouble5m ago(Edited 3m ago)

Not right when the game starts, if youre deciding to take it super literally. You do get all of the Slate abilities before leaving the starting area though, and you already walk out with different weapons and a bow. Theres literally nothing for you to gain out in the world in terms of new items that arent simply better weapons, different armor, or consumables.

Its a complaint I have with the game, really. It runs counter to the true open world to prioritize story and more item focused areas, but by taking open world in such a true sense of the word, Nintendo basically guaranteed a skeleton of a story and no meaningful item discovery.

They should have learned a bit from Skyrim. That is probably the best example of an open world that still builds a major story with marked progression while still presenting a lot of freedom.


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