What Happened to Xbox This Generation?

From N4G - April 7, 2018
Yi-Long6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

It already happened LAST generation, when Microsoft did REALLY well with their 360, after Sony screwed up the PS3 launch (price, difficult to develop for, etc), but then Wii happened, and Microsoft saw that hype and those sales, and decided it also wanted to go after that market, but with Kinect.

Which is fine, but with that decision to really push Kinect, they started to neglect their core-base of gamers, who, strangely enough, just. want. games.

Games, played relaxed from the couch, or the bed, with a normal controller, instead of waving limbs around. Not to mention the fact that for the most part, Kinect is simply more suitable for other purposes, outside the standard gaming-genre. (Dancing, exercise, etc etc) Which is great if you want to keep your little fat sister occupied for a few hours, but 'core-gamers did not really have a reason to get excited about Kinect.'

So they already alienated a lot of gamers when they went after the casual market with Kinect, neglecting the needs of their base.

Meanwhile, Sony had brought the price down for PS3, was suddenly releasing LOTS of interesting exclusives in a wide variety of genres, had FREE online gaming, and introduced PS+, which at the time, offered amazing value for money.

So going into current gen, Microsoft was already on the back foot (which they did themselves), while Sony was soaring.

Then the new consoles were announced: Microsoft announced a whole bunch of anti-consumer measures for their new console, and integrated Kinect shoved down everyone's throat.

Sony announced their new console, and focussed on simply on bring us lots of great games, on a system with great specs, for a great price.

Before the consoles were even released, Sony had already won, cause they understood that their base buys a games console for games, while Microsoft was trying to appeal to mass-market, going after casuals, bragging about 'TV TV TV TV TV', while not really showing anything that appealed to gamers.

Just a case of Microsoft not understanding who they needed to market their system for. Sony did.

We are now 4 years in orso, and looking at the exclusives line-ups for both consoles, and it seems Microsoft still is not really willing to invest in that area. Sadly. Cause with the XBO X, along with its great Backward Compatibility program, it seems like a machine with huge potential.

MS had the XBO X last E3 to impress, but this year,it needs to be about the games.


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