Watch the new trailer for the 15-year Rooster Teeth documentary

From TechCrunch - April 12, 2018

Being an online video star might seem cool or even glamorous these days, but Burnie Burns, co-founder and chief creative officer at Rooster Teeth, can remember when that wasnt the case.

Rooster Teeth,which is behind the popular web series Red vs. Blue, is turning 15 years old this month. (The studio was acquired by Fullscreen a few years ago.) And Burns has been looking back at its history as part of the upcoming documentary Why Were Here: 15 Years of Rooster Teeth.

He acknowledged that nowadays, anyone in the business is competing with an enormous noise, but at the same time, Burns said, Theres the misconception that because no one was doing this when we got started, that made it easier. Its really difficult to go into a place where no one else is and no one else cares whats going on there.

He recalled that in the studios early days, he would tell people about his work and realize, Home video was a dirty word, and online video was beneath it.

The documentary was directed by Mat Hames, and it allows Burns and his co-founder Matt Hullum to revisit many of their old haunts, including the bedroom where Burns uploaded the first episode of Red vs. Blue, Why Are We Here?


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