How to Get Mega Man in Monster Hunter World

From IGN - April 14, 2018

This page explains how to get the Mega Man collaboration items: the Mega Man Armor and Mega Man Palico Weapon that let you embody the 8 bit blue bomber himself.

In order to get these, you must complete the following Event Quests:

This is a rotating event available for both XBOX 1 and PS4. Below are the currently known past, current, or upcoming dates for 2018.

EditHow to Unlock Mega Man Paico Armor

There are a few steps and hurdles you will have to jump in order to get this armor set for your felyne friend.

Edit1. Head Online

First, make sure you are connected to the internet. Event Quests are a sort of automatically added DLC. When you log in, you will receive a pop-up informing you event quests are available.

Edit2. Accept the Event Quest

Edit3. Complete the Quest

Edit4. Forge the Armor

Edit5. Special Note


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