Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset Review

From IGN - April 13, 2018
By Matt Clark

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Logitech has given its newest gaming headset the simple moniker of Pro (See it on BestBuy), foregoing some bells and whistles in favor of a more streamlined device aimed at eSports enthusiasts. With a lightweight design, cross-platform compatibility, decent audio quality and a "pro" microphone, it's a headset with a pretty simple feature set.Despite its stripped-down design, it's still kind of expensive at $90, especially since it's a wired stereo headset. That said, Logitech says it's perfect for eSports or gamers who just want to use "pro" equipment. I tested them out to see how they stack up.

At first glance, the Logitech Pro appears strikingly similar to the Logitech G433 headset released last year. The overall shape of the two headsets is nearly identical, but the Pro ditches the mesh covering for a soft-touch finish on the exterior of the ear cups and a rather cheap-looking plastic headband. There is, however, a steel band connecting the earcups, so that should soothe people's jitters over what appears to be an all-plastic headset.

The soft-touch surface feels nice and the understated looks do help if you want to wear the Pro around in public. Since this is an analog headset, you can plug the 3.5mm jack into a smartphone and the boom mic is removable so you dont look like an air traffic controller riding on the bus. Similarly, the analog plug has the added bonus of allowing connectivity to your PC and your gaming consoles.

But for PC gaming with chat, a removable headphone/mic Y-splitter cable lets the Pro hook up to the 3.5mm ports on the computer. Theres no virtual surround on this headset, and for a device aimed at competitive players thats frankly very disappointing. The previously mentioned Logitech G433 includes DTS Headphone: X 7.1 and actually costs a few bucks less than the Pro.

The cans on the Pro are an around-the-ear design. As someone who wears glasses, this is generally my preferred style of headset and coupled with the lightweight build and soft leatherette ear pads on the Pro, I found them to be very comfortable even after a couple hours of continuous use. Logitech also includes a set of microfiber ear pads if thats more your style, although I couldnt notice any real difference between the two from a comfort or performance angle. Still, its nice to have the option to remove the pads and give them a clean-up, if needed.


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