God of War: A Look Back at the Franchise's History

From N4G - April 14, 2018
Hardiman3h ago

Really was a breath of fresh air in 05 when the first hit! Enjoyed it very much and the story of Kratos was heartbreaking, intense and the Greek Mythology setting just put it over for me!

Then 2 came and really blew me away especially the beginning battle and went onto become my favorite in the series!

3 was a technical marvel and really was the perfect game to end that trilogy! I loved the ending and him choosing to give mankind hope and really sets up where he would be going as s character. Now with the new game almost upon us I am giddy with excitement and ca not stress enough how happy I am that they put so much effort into the narrative! My wife is even excited for it! She knows the gist of what happened to Kratos and watched some of the others but she wants to see how Kratos and Atreus's relationship developes!


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