Gwent Will Be Revamped

From IGN - April 14, 2018
By Hope Corrigan

The Gwent development team has announced significant changes coming to the digital card game.

A post on the game's official websitedetails what's to come in the upcoming revamp, dubbed Gwent Homecoming, after stating the Witcher spinoff had "slowly drifted away from our original vision of standalone Gwent."

Some of the big changes include adjustments to core mechanics, such as adding benefits to cards placed in their preferred row, potentially getting rid of rows entirely, and fixing imbalances around turn order.

The team plans to revamp the player progression aspect and implement a new leveling system with suitable rewards while bringing back a greater focus on skill and player agency rather than RNG.Cards that are not as balanced may still find a place in casual and Arena mode, which was added in February.

Cosmetic changes are also inbound to make the game look and feel more like it fits with the Witcher universe and allow card art to shine more during play.


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