Our Take on PlayStation 5 in 2020, Animal Crossing: Globetrotter & BioShock 4 Rumors

Our Take on PlayStation 5 in 2020, Animal Crossing: Globetrotter & BioShock 4 Rumors
From N4G - April 15, 2018
wonderfulmonkeyman1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I honestly am not quite convinced they WILL do a PS5 within the next 5 years, if not longer.
The PS4 Pro is such a huge success that they could probably ride that cash horse well into 2025 with no issues, unless we see an unforeseen HUGE leap in affordable gaming technology.

But recently the gap, at least graphically, has been growing smaller and smaller between each console generation, which makes me feel that, with no signs of that changing, the odds of a PS5 that soon are not likely.

I think it'd take a big change for Sony to make a big change, when the PS4Pro is already proving itself to be almost everything Sony fans want in a Sony home console.

Of course, I could be wrong, and they could continue pursuing whatever small tech gap the current small improvements in tech allow them to affordably pursue, but if Sony wants to push past the PS4 Pro's success in one huge blast of amazing sales, I do not think another console where there is not an intense gap in technological capability will do it for them. The PS4 Pro is just that much of a sales success.

As for Animal Crossing? Not excited.
It was never really my thing; farming/life simulations never really were.

Bioshock 4, though? Now THAT makes me excited. I was not the biggest fan of Infinite but the first and second games absolutely sea-floored me, and I am all for more of that kind of action in the near future. [Though I am mixed on whether or not I want the little sisters, or anything similar to them, to return. They were cute/interesting as a game mechanic, but they also made it hard to get all the upgrades you wanted unless you went full-on bad-guy route.XD]

My big hope is that they keep the powers and the stellar music, though.
Maybe upgrade the Melee combat options a bit, but definitely do not skimp on the powers and music. Story as well.


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