E3 2018: Get the Details on Free Public Events

From IGN - April 15, 2018

E3 is opening its doors to a limited number of public attendees for the second year in a row. If you do not score a ticket to the show itself, there are still events around E3 open to public visitors.

EditXbox FanFest

Partially Free! Xbox is bringing back Xbox FanFest for E3 on June 10 and June 11, but with a few major changes. The FanFest ticketing process is done through a random online drawing, and only 400 winners will have the opportunity to purchase FanFest tickets. Then, another 1,000 people will be chosen for the Xbox E3 Conference, but will not have access to the FanFest event. The 400 that have FanFest tickets can also attend the Xbox E3 Conference.

To apply for the online drawing, fans must have an Xbox Live Gamertag and be over the age of 21. Fans that win one of the 400 spots will have the option to purchase up to two tickets that cost $45 each. The Xbox conference-only tickets are free.

Xbox FanFest was a free event previously, and Xbox made this statement regarding the change:

"The decision to charge this year wasnt taken lightly so we are making 100% sure there is a FanFest-sized benefit. Where FanFest has always been about paying it forward to passionate Xbox fans around the world, now the fans will be able to pay it forward to others. All money raised from the sale of FanFest tickets will benefit a charity that we will announce in the near future. Further, well have a special moment at E3 where FanFest attendees will get to see first-hand how their money will turn into something amazing for others."

Registration for the online drawing is not currently available, but this page will be updated with more information as it's released. For more details on registration before it goes live, visit Xbox's FanFest announcement.

EditGamer Pass

The Gamer Pass is E3 2018's consumer pass. Available on February 12 on the E3 official website, the first 1,000 passes will be available for $149 and the rest at the regular price of $249.

EditEA Play

EditFornite at E3


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