Final Fantasy 14 Companion App and New Story Quests Incoming

From IGN - April 16, 2018
By Shabana Arif

Final Fantasy 14 is getting a companion app alongside May's Under the Moonlight patch, with more content building on the Stormblood expansion.

Unfortunately the app is not quite as snazzy as Final Fantasy 14 Online GO, the April Fool's Day prank app that promised to let players mine for materials by smashing their phones into trees and throwing them into rivers. The Final Fantasy 14 Online Companion App's features are far more humdrum but still super useful, letting players organise their inventory and armoury chest, use the scheduler to organise events, browse the market board and buy and sell items, chat with friends and Free Company members, and register an additionalfavoured destination Aetheryte.

The base app will be free, but players can sign up for the premium version for a monthly fee that comes with additional benefits like doubling saddle bag capacity, allowing players to employ an additional retainer, and letting them organise saddlebag and retainer inventories.


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