The Esports Highlights of the Week for April 16

From IGN - April 16, 2018
By Joab Gilroy

It was an absolutely massive week for Aussie and Kiwi esports fans! Rocket League, Counter-Strike GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Street Fighter Vthere was heaps of fantastic competition, and it served up some awesome highlights.

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Rocket League - Throwdown RLCS

The Chiefs have ended the latest Throwdown RLCS season undefeated, securing first seed in the OCE championships. Darksided did their best to spoil the streak, smashing an unprepared Chiefs early in their best of five matchup. Unfortunately for Darksided, the Chiefs woke up, putting together a reverse sweep to dash Darksided's plans of second seed. Thanks to the Chiefs victory, Legacy take second seed while Darksided and Tainted Minds finish in third and fourth respectively. Watch Drippay cap off some relentless pressure from the Chiefs below.

CSGO - IEM Sydney 2018 AU Qualifiers

The IEM Sydney 2018 AU Qualifiers have been something else. Grayhound and the Chiefs both earned a spot at the massive event early next month. Grayhound played it ultra cool on their way to the show, taking down Legacy to lock in a spot at the international tournament. Watch Gratisfaction pull off some utter bullshit below.

The Chiefs' road to IEM Sydney 2018 is even better. Tucks is the only player that remains from last year's IEM run, as Malta left last week to join Grayhound. In a bit of a spot, the boys in blue acquired ap0c, who had been a gun-for-hire for months before settling with the Chiefs. Ap0c picked this event to go HAM, helping the Chiefs beat caster's expectations and head to IEM Sydney for a second time.


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