Review: Fallout 4 - Worth your time - Gaming Boulevard

Review: Fallout 4 - Worth your time - Gaming Boulevard
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From N4G - November 23, 2015

Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of Fallout 4 and concluded:

Ive had a wonderful time with Fallout 4 since it implemented a lot of new features into the game that add up perfectly to the value of these Fallout games: the fluent and slightly improved combat system, the settlement feature, the weapon/ armor crafting,But some things should have stayed the same like for example, the choice mechanic and the skill system. Its something simple that theyve dumbed down but its still crucial in this type of gaming experience. If youre looking for a time-consuming game thats actually fun to play and you dont mind the minor flaws it has, you should go for it but dont expect to see high-end graphics or mind-blowing innovation. It has ton of content and customization options (mods) which makes the game worth its price. (Fallout 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)8/10


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