Is Fallout 4 This Generations Must Own Game?

Is Fallout 4 This Generations Must Own Game?
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From N4G - November 24, 2015

The open world genre has been blessed with another strong entry. After experiencing such great worlds in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Metal Gear Solid: 5 The Phantom Pain could we really delve into another so soon? Using the beautiful backdrop of Boston, Fallout 4 has a world like no other reaching into the cities rich history with iconic landmarks scattered throughout the game. Already it seems that more people are open to this world with over 12 million copies sold within the first 24 hours thus making it the biggest entertainment launch this year. Call of Duty held this title for measly week making over $500 million dollars but Fallout 4 obliterated all competition making over $750 million dollars. Along with this you have rave reviews unanimously throughout the industry,With these in mind you have to consider is Fallout 4 the game of this generation?

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